Kayla Eide-Hall

Freelance Writer & Editor
(B.A. in Journalism, minor in Rhetoric and Writing Studies)

Top 10 Schools for Marketing Majors

As long as businesses exist, so too shall marketing and the need for fresh ideas from marketing professionals. After researching more than 50 undergraduate marketing programs, we’ve identified the top 10 universities who offer everything a marketing major needs to develop that competitive edge, drive online and offline sales, build and maintain a brand, and secure competitive positions for businesses around the world. These universities deliver on both sides of today’s marketing coin, teaching students traditional strategy and modern analytical skills, perfect for slaying marketing objectives in any arena.

10 Best Cyber Security Graduate Programs

An education in Cyber Security is in more demand than ever before. We’ve researched over 70 graduate programs. Our analysis took a deep dive into how each program prepares academic researchers and working professionals to solve the world’s most pressing cyber security challenges. These programs go beyond cutting-edge technology and hands-on, cross-departmental experiences. They offer cyber security fellowships and internships, government and industry networking opportunities, and projects that directly influence security policy. The following ten universities go above and beyond to prepare their students for success.

Improved BlueSpray Sprinkler Controller Works in More Homes

Even when you’re on the go, you can take control of your sprinkler system and save water with the latest smart irrigation controller from BlueSpray, now available at Home Controls. The previous BlueSpray controller was a hit, and the upgraded model is in position to become just as popular, boasting new features as well as new connectivity options that make it accessible to a wider population of homeowners.

What Factors into How a Local Business Is Ranking in Search Results?

Let’s say you own a downtown computer repair shop. While sitting inside your shop, your SEO curiosity is piqued, so you Google the phrase “computer repair specialist” on your smartphone. Your business shows up 3rd in the results. Sweet, right? But later at home, 20 miles from the shop, you use your PC to Google the same phrase, “computer repair specialist”. Now your business shows up 10th. Why? Google uses its local ranking factors to return the best, unique search results for the immediate situation, so these factors impact where every business falls in the results.

Guardian Fall Protection Bucket Of Safe-Tie Kit

Before you climb onto the roof to install solar panels, make sure to safeguard yourself against the risk of falling by using the Bucket of Safe-Tie Kit. Designed and manufactured by the roofing experts at Guardian Fall Protection, this OSHA compliant kit comes with a one-size-fits-all safety harness (HUV), a 50-foot lifeline, and the accessories required to keep you alive and well in the event of a fall.

Fibaro Z-Wave Motion Sensor

The Fibaro Z-Wave Motion Sensor is one of the smartest Z-Wave sensors you’ll find. The four-in-one wireless multi-sensor serves as a PIR motion detector, light level sensor, temperature sensor, and vibration sensor (accelerometer), giving you the power to monitor an array of conditions with a single device. And when you integrate the sensor into a Z-Wave home automation or security system, it becomes an intelligent automation tool for all the devices in your network.

Alfano Renovations

Alfano Renovations is a family-owned and operated renovations, construction and real estate consulting company. Over 20 years ago, the Alfano family built this company the same way it builds structures - with careful design, dedication, strength, and creative ideas. These principles catalyze Alfano’s finished products to stand out from the rest, giving the residents and businesses of New Jersey a full-service provider of buildings that impress.